Why Rhodes is the Perfect Holiday Destination

March 11, 2017 Off By Humberto Byrn

What is your description of perfection? Is it clear blue waters? Lush forests with thousands of butterflies welcoming your arrival? Ancient ruins that transport you back in time? Romantic candlelight dinner by the beach? A tour of a medieval town with a grand castle restored to give you a glimpse of life of knights and princesses that once considered it their home? If this is what you have in mind, then you must be dreaming of no other place but Rhodes, Greece. Find the perfect hotel in Rhodes for your accommodation and make this journey unforgettable.

Rhodes is on top of the list of any traveler because of the variety of places it offers. To convince you it is worth your time and money; then take a glimpse of the following places you can explore during your stay.
The Monolithos Castle

You will find this medieval castle constructed on an isolated rock that stands beautifully among the pines. Leave your car the bottom of the mountain and prepare for a ten-minute walk up to the summit. From there, enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the relaxing fragrance of the wild herbs. After that short trekking trip, why not rest for a while and grab a coffee at the small cafe located at the foot of the castle. If you wish to dip your feet into the waters, then follow the road and go straight to Fourni.

Monolithos Castle – Rhodes
The Medieval City of Rhodes

Be sure to wear a watch before entering the gates of the Old Town of Rhodes because you can easily get lost in time once you are inside it. You will find yourself in a maze of 200 streets with no name. It is fun to get yourself lost because you will soon discover a handful of interesting sites in the town, but if you get too tired of the game then just ask for directions towards the Grand Palace and you will be guided by the locals with a smile.
The Acropolis and Lindos

You may feel that Rhodes is slowly becoming a gateway of the glorious past of Greece, well, it definitely is! Lindos is host to another impressive archaeological site flocked by tourists from all over the world, the Acropolis. Its beauty is accentuated by the appearances of modern town juxtaposed the ancient pillars of this archaeological monument. Once you see scattered ruins in various points, you will then learn that you have entered the fortress of Acropolis and will soon come face to face to this glorious structure.

The Seven Springs

Your feet must be tired because of the long walks. It is time to keep it relaxed with the assistance of the trickling streams and scent of pine offered by the Seven Springs. You will find it around thirty kilometers away from Rhodes. However, those who still have energy can wander around to find the source of the springs and find themselves in a green lake filled with turquoise waters. To add more color to the place, peacocks are allowed to freely roam at the site.

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