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The 5 Most Beautiful Scenic Drives In America

American has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, and when it is combined with excellent highways, it makes for great scenic road trips. 1 The Pacific Coast Highway (PHC), California is considered the number one scenic drive in America. Starting at the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico, it stretches…

By Humberto Byrn December 8, 2013 Off

The Best Fuel Efficient cars in U.K.

Have you been wondering about fuel efficient cars? In the recent past there has been unending debate about the most fuel efficient cars. Some people have thinking that the way you drive will matter how much fuel your car will consume. However, this depends on the type of fuel the car is using. For instance…

By Humberto Byrn June 21, 2013 Off

A Brief History of Early Stunt Driving

When we think of stunt work, especially stunt driving, we tend to think of the latest Bond movie, or go back to the ‘classic’ era of 70s stunts. But actually incredible stunt work has been around for as long as movies have, and driving stunts quickly became a staple part of the movie-goer’s diet. In…

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