5 Cool Ways To Cherish Your Special Summer Holidays Forever

November 19, 2017 Off By Humberto Byrn

When you go away on a family holiday it is usually the best time of the year. Everyone has waited so long and worked so hard, so when you finally have a week or two to yourself the whole family can just enjoy each others company. If we had more time off work and unlimited funds we would probably go on holiday a lot more than we do at the moment. A few weeks isn’t enough and it’s easy to forget, but that’s not what you want.

Your holiday is special and you want to remember it as much as possible. You want to be reminded of it all year, so it can bring back memories of the good times and get you looking forward to next year. Now you need some great ways to remember them by. Have a look at some of these genius ideas and bookmark this page so you will remember them before you go on your next holiday.

A family caricature

Valletta Caricaturist

There’s not many times the whole family is together when you come across a caricaturist. It’s usually always on holiday and even though they take a long time to draw they end up looking fantastic. If you can find someone who is a great artist they are definitely worth the money you pay for them. Just make sure you all look at silly as possible so you can laugh about if for years to come. Keep them all in a safe place and you can look back at them in the future.

Blowing a photo up

Family Photos

This doesn’t involve taking a photo into the backyard and using dynamite to blow it to pieces, so don’t get excited. I’m talking about taking your best photograph of the family and having it blown-up at a professional photo studio. If the quality of your camera is good enough they could print it out onto a canvas frame and you could hang it up at home for all to see. Each year you can replace the old one.

A digital picture frame

When you go on holiday you always take about a thousand photos, but what can you seriously do with all of them when you come home? Most of them will just end up never being seen again. If you want an easy way to use most of them you could get a digital picture frame. Choose all the photos you love and stick them all on the memory card. Now your picture frame will automatically swap between each one every few minutes.

Shop for some cool souvenirs


When you’re on holiday there is usually a lot of souvenir shops littered around the place. Most of the stuff you can buy is always cheesy and something you would never use at home, but there’s always a few gems lying around if you look hard enough. Just choose the one you think best represents your holiday and you can display it proudly on a table when you get home.

Collecting shells


This one is for the kids, who always love to go down to the beach and pick beautiful shells. When you come home you’ll just have a bag of shells, which isn’t too great. You need to use them to make something with. Maybe a picture for the wall that has the shells glued onto it. If you don’t want this one in your living room you can put it up in your child’s room.

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