Five Places to Eat During Your Next Trip To Oklahoma

July 14, 2017 Off By Humberto Byrn

Ever hit the road, looking for a new place to see, then decide that it is time to get some delicious grub? Next time you find yourself going through Oklahoma, check out these fantastic Oklahoma restaurants, eateries and travel shops. They are sure to hit the spot.

When on the road, the days seem to stretch on with each place you travel through. Your destination is always drawing closer. Well, it’s probably time to stop for a meal or restock the travel supplies. Ada Travel Stop will soon have you refreshed and ready to go. Ada Travel Stop has anything the weary traveler needs, including food. Ada Travel Stop believes in assisting travelers in unwinding. They have over 120 arcade games to play. A relaxing transition from road to rest stop. Definitely check it out if you are in need of a rest stop and in the Ada area.

You’re passing through a town. All of a sudden the smell smacks you in the face: barbecue pork. Chances are good, you are close to Bob’s Pig Shop. This shop has all the succulent barbecue you could desire. This is definitely a phenomenal place to eat. They serve everything relating to pig. Pig cutlets, pulled pork, brisket or pork ribs, they got what you want.

77 Grill and RV Park, you may be wandering through the Oklahoma country side, then you see this RV park. The sign reads, “77 Grill and RV Park,” this may sound suspicious to a traveler in a car, but the food is worth it, even if you aren’t in an RV. These eats are all homemade. Everything from the pie to the bread is homemade. A little taste of home, or something far from it, a good place to get some chow while en route to your destination. Also, breakfast is served around the clock.

Nothing beats a stop at a grill on the road. A & E grill is not just a good place to eat, it provides a step above the average grill. Many of their foods come with homemade recipes including their pasta. Their outdoor system features a misting system for those hot summer days.

You are just a step above Texas in Oklahoma. What makes you think you can’t find good Mexican food? Abuelita’s is an authentic Mexican cuisine. The food will leave you wanting more, even though you are as full as a blimp. This restaurant is family owned and provides homemade recipes. Chances are, you won’t see the taste coming until it’s too late. Give Abuelita’s Mexican Restaurant a go next time you are in town.

These places have been renowned by travelers from around the world. Each one of these eateries is a fantastic place to snag a tasty meal. Travelers, treat your taste buds the next time you are traveling through Oklahoma. You won’t regret it anytime soon, nor will your stomach.