Plan a Great Southern Vacation Getaway without Breaking the Budget

February 16, 2017 Off By Humberto Byrn

Often you will hear of great vacation places located all over the northern part of the United States. But the South gets short shrift unless people are taking about Walt Disney World in Florida or in California.

There are great southern vacation spots, including Texas vacation packages, that you will want to experience and they won’t break your budget. Skip out on going to the Disney Princess Castle again for the fifth time and instead plan a getaway to creative places scattered all over the southern United States.

Nothing Is More Southern than a Good Blue Crab Dinner (Or Racing Crabs In A Derby)

Head on down to Maryland, where you’ll find the greatest crab shacks serving fresh blue crab to fill your stomach before you continue on with your trip. If you want to see crabs race, then attend the National Hard Crab Derby to watch the crustaceans scuttle about. The Derby is held in Crisfield, Maryland during Labor Day weekend.

See, Or Sing, Where Southern Music Became Famous

How would you like to visit the place where Elvis and U2′s Bono stepped up to the microphone and recorded famous songs? Well, you can when visiting the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Don’t forget to stop by Graceland and go on the grand Elvis tour.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors in the Mountains

Sometimes you have to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of city attractions. The Great Smoky Mountains offer hiking, fishing and camping possibilities. Enter the national park through the Gatlinburg, Tennessee entrance or the Cherokee, North Carolina entrance. You’ll also enjoy amusement parks and restaurants in the nearby resort cities.

Travel Along The River Walk In A New, Unique Way

You may have heard of San Antonio’s River Walk. What you may not have heard is that many Texas vacation packages offer tours of the city by boat. Take a boat ride along this famed river while listening to mariachi bands give you a taste of what Texas is all about.

Swim with the Fishes in a Great Diving Adventure

Southern Florida has a plethora of beaches. You can enjoy the company of other vacation visitors at public beaches or choose a more secluded spot to enjoy the sound of crashing waves by yourself. If you travel down to Key Largo, take a dip into the sparkling blue waters as you go diving at John Pennekamp State Park.

Amanda Naples is an avid traveler, who writes reviews and editorials on resorts, restaurants, and vacation ideas for families, couples, and solo travelers all over of the United States.