Eight Tips To Safely Handle Your Driving In A Muddy Road

April 8, 2013 Off By Humberto Byrn

When a person is driving over a dirt road that has become wet, muddy, and slippery, there are a few tips that can help from getting stuck. This can be a common problem when a person lives in the country or decides to have some fun out in the woods. Here are eight things to keep in mind in order to ensure safety while driving on a muddy road.
Go Slow:

It is easy to panic when a car begins to slide on a muddy road. It is important to slow down. The vehicle is less likely to get stuck or slide when going at a slow speed. It may be helpful to place the transmission into a lower gear.
Never Gun The Engine:

When a person mashes the gas pedal, it will only cause the tires to spin. Depending on the level of mud, it may dig the vehicle into the ground. Less power is definitely better. Going light should provide enough throttle to boost the vehicle forward.
Place Weight In The Back:

When a vehicle does not have 4WD, it will be helpful to place extra weight over the rear axle. Rocks and gravel will be helpful.
Never ride In Ruts:

When on a muddy road, it is always best to avoid ruts. The high areas will be less wet and not as slippery.
Never Ride The Brakes:

Even though it is recommended to go slow on a muddy road, it is never smart to ride the brakes. If a person is heading down a hill, it is better to shift into a lower gear.
Never Jam The Brakes:

When a person is trying to use the brakes, it is essential to pump them slowly. If a vehicle has antilock brakes, this will not be necessary.
Steer And Pump:

When a car begins to slide, the steering wheel should be turned into the direction of the slide. At that point, it is also necessary to pump the brakes. If a person is unable to stop and seems to be veering off of the road, it is important to turn into the slide and keep the car away from the edge. If the car tuns suddenly, it can lead to a rollover.
Access The Situation When Stuck:

It is essential to remain calm after getting stuck on a muddy road. A person must exit the vehicle and comprehend the best way to get loose. It may be helpful to grab rocks, sticks, or anything that will create a path for the tires. It will be important to get close to the tire tread, especially in the rear of the vehicle. After returning to the driver’s seat, the gas should be applied slowly. If the tires begin to spin, it may be helpful to go in reverse and rock the car back and forth. This should help the tires to grab. If not, it may be necessary to try again. If nothing seems to work, it may be helpful to lower the tire pressure. This may help to gain better traction. However, it is essential to avoid lowering pressure to limits that are below 20 psi.

The above tips are just a few things that a person should keep in mind while driving on a muddy road. It is always important to have a means of communication when there is a chance of becoming stuck. A tow truck may be necessary when a vehicle is hopelessly stuck. When a person is driving on a muddy road, it is important to remain calm, go slow, and apply the brakes correctly.