The 7 Hardest Car Parts To Find

November 19, 2012 Off By Humberto Byrn

Over time, almost all the parts of a car from the engine to the spark plugs become worn out due to pressure from the elements and road demands. Some car parts just cannot survive with the constant use and sooner or later something starts to leak or become rusted. When this happens, that particular part needs to be replaced if the owner intends to continue using the car.

Other times, a car might get in a crash and the owner may decide to repair it instead of getting rid of the car. In such instances, the right car parts must be located either by the repair shop or the owner. However, it can be difficult to locate certain parts that are needed, especially if it’s a classic or vintage car, a foreign car, or if manufacturing of a particular model has been discontinued for more than ten years, at which period the manufacturer stops stocking parts. Though is it not impossible, it might a bit of work to find the right car part needed. This is when most people turn to junk yards in search of whatever aftermarket part they’re having difficulty locating. Here is a breakdown of the 7 most difficult car parts to find.
1. Manual Transmission

– Replacement manual transmissions are very hard to find, especially in cars that have been discontinued. Another reason why manual transmission is not easily available is that they don’t break down often so it’s rare to find them as aftermarket parts.
2. Aluminum Valve Covers

– These are hard to find, especially for Chevrolets and the price can run anywhere from $150 to $250 even when found from a junk yard.
3. Radiator Hoses

– The purpose of car a radiator is to cool the engine. The radiator hose is what transports the coolant to help maintain engine temperature. The hose then transports the coolant back to the radiator to be cooled again. Radiator hoses very hard to find to find, especially for discontinued cars.

4. Shift Cable Bushings

– These are hard to find especially for Saturn cars, and even when they are located, the cable ends might have to be ordered with it.
5. Steering Shafts

– Sometimes it is easy to find the steering rack but not the shaft. Most people have so much trouble looking for these but there are some companies who can custom build a new one.
6. Oil Cooler Lines

– These lines can simply break or start to leak at the inlet over time. The consensus is that even replacement lines start to leak after a short while. The best bet is to have this custom ordered which can cost as much as $400.
7. Dashboard Panel

– It is not uncommon for the panel to crack up due to the age of vehicle or hot weather conditions. It however becomes difficult to find a used dashboard panel that will match the original door panels.