Three Ways Your Driving Can Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

November 17, 2012 Off By Humberto Byrn

There are many ways in which your driving can significantly lower your car insurance costs. Many people aren’t aware that the way that they drive can lower the costs of their car insurance and make their policy much more affordable!

Our experts have shared three of the top ways in which your driving can lower your car insurance costs!
Be A Safe Driver

One of the key ways in which your driving can lower your overall car insurance costs is by being a safe driver overall. Generally, drivers who have less accidents on their record will have much lower insurance costs. Being a safe driver usually results in getting less speeding tickets and less moving violations as well. Having no accidents, less speeding tickets and less moving violations shows an insurance company that you’re a good risk and the insurance company is much more likely to give you a great deal on an insurance policy!

Insurance companies want safe drivers to buy their insurance policies and they will generally compete to offer you the best price. Get a car insurance quote online and, when you do, be sure to include your great driving record as a way to drive down the price!
Keep Track Of How Many Miles You Drive Per Year

People who drive less miles per year generally have lower insurance policy prices. The reason for this is quite simple: people who drive less are much less likely to get in an accident. Driving activity is a factor that many insurance companies consider when offering an insurance policy to a prospective customer so finding out how many miles you average per year is key.

While 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year is about average, some people drive a lot less and this can significantly lower their insurance policy costs. Find out how many miles per year you drive and be sure to include it when looking for an insurance policy to find out how much money it can save you!
Where You Drive Most Frequently

One of the keys to lowering your insurance costs is where you drive. Insurance companies know that accidents are more likely to occur in certain locations and some will charge higher rates to insurance policy holders who frequently drive in or live in a certain area. Big cities such as Detroit and Chicago are some of the most expensive places to insure a car as these cities generally have a high rate of uninsured drivers and a higher traffic density than other areas.

If you generally drive in places with a lower likelihood of having an accident, your prospective car insurance rates can be much lower. When getting an online car insurance quote, be sure to include where you drive and remember that driving in areas with a lower likelihood of accidents such as suburban areas, places with lower traffic density and places where people are more likely to be insured! Driving in these areas can significantly lower your car insurance rates!